Women's Self-Defense Training

Self-Defense for Women
Taught by a Woman

Martial Arts for WomenCome join us and learn to defend yourself by using principles from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art/combat sport that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. We offer classes specifically for women only, taught by a female instructor. Women's self-defense classes are held each Friday evening at 7 PM.

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Why is your system Ideal for Women?
This type of martial art focuses on the principle that a smaller, weaker person using leverage and proper technique can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger assailant.

Our training program takes into account gender specific considerations such as issues of size and physical strength, reasons for and types of self-defense situations commonly faced by women, how to deal with them, as well as ways of decreasing the chances of encountering potentially dangerous situations.

Learn Practical Techniques including:

  • Essential Blocking, Breaking grips and holds
  • Using common objects as unconventioal weapons
  • Identifying vulnerable pressure points
  • Enhancing you intuition and awareness

No Athletic Experience Necessary!
For all Fitness levels!

You will learn Close quarter self-defense techniques. These techniques are designed to specifically address the needs of women who may find themselves in real-world threatening situations.

Each Class session is distinct in its curriculum. All Classes focus on the common themes of ground defense, violence prevention and de-escalation of the threatening situation as well as helping with gaining the confidence needed to feel empowered and in control of any threatening situation.

Our Goal is go give women a comprehensive understanding and practical base in both offensive and defensive close-quarter fighting by teaching them how to effectively and efficiently defend against surprise threats as well as how to preemptively engage and eliminate hostile parties and sexual predators.

Our Women's Self-Defense course is taught at our Birmingham Southside location by Angela Carmichael. Angela is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a 2008 champion in the Alabama State BJJ Federation and has experience in Pan-American US National Jiu-Jitsu competitions.

Class Location, Schedule and Prices

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, along with Judo and Mixed Martial Arts will be taught five days a week at our Southside Location in Birmingham, AL. We are located at 2501 7th Ave. South, Birmingham, AL 35233. Please click the "Learn More" button below for the all-new schedule of Gi and No-Gi classes, as well as the MMA and Judo courses. Also, click here for pricing information and sign-up forms.