Other Locations

In addition to our main locations, we also offer and recommend training at these other facilities. Please call to schedule a tour of these facilities or confirm hours of operation.


Chris Taylor BJJ Revolution Team

Chris Taylor - Brown Belt

Chung's TKD Fitness Center
3125 Bell Road
Montgomery, AL 36116

Guerrilla Fitness BJJ Revolution Team

Jeff Mason - Purple Belt
438 Twain Curve, Suite B
Montgomery AL 36117

Florence BJJ Revolution Team

Dustin Key - Purple Belt

Troy BJJ Revolution Team

Kent Sublett - Blue Belt - 3 stripes
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Class Location, Schedule and Prices

Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, along with Judo and Mixed Martial Arts will be taught five days a week at our Southside Location in Birmingham, AL. We are located at 2501 7th Ave. South, Birmingham, AL 35233. Please click the "Learn More" button below for the all-new schedule of Gi and No-Gi classes, as well as the MMA and Judo courses. Also, click here for pricing information and sign-up forms.